Some funny white male viners


By Jon Marcus | January 14, 2014

I like jokes and I hope to one day write one.  I spend a lot of time indoors on the internet and related apps because it’s cold up here in Boston. I am not that good at Vine but I like to watch it for a quick laugh, usually while driving. Here is a list of funny white male Viners I like.

Chris D’Elia (chris delia on Vine)- Chris is an LA based comic who just released an hour with Comedy Central called “White Male Black Comic.” He uses Vine as an extension of the stage and creates his voice through musical humor, insult comedy and funny pantomimes. Some of my favorite Vines of his have him singing Top 40 songs as his “Beautiful Version.” Great hair, great pipes, clever guy, and a cute dog.

Danny LoPriore (Danny LoPriore)- Danny is a funny kid who makes me laugh with the way he combines musical humor and off-color or blue humor. He has a great voice and it really adds to the quality of his jokes, which often combine R&B music, dramatic hand movements, and vulgar lyrics. If his parody songs haven’t been on Howard Stern yet, I think they soon will be.

Bill Stiteler (Bill Stiteler)- Bill is a NYC based comedian with a strong Vine presence. I really like what Bill creates. His humor is based in irony, nostalgia and astute observations.  He pairs this humor with clever animations and thoughtful ditties, which adds a lot of production value to his Vines.  I expect to see his name more in the future as his following continues to grow. I met him once and he was taller than I expected.

Jason Bogart (Jason Bogart)- Jason is the creator of an awesome Vine series called Meowztown.  Using a cast of cute animals and puppets, Jason combines funny and thoughtful character voices with clever jokes and observations. The series looks at the odd-couple style relationship between a stuffed raccoon, appropriately named Raccoon, and Meowzers the cat, played by Brian Redban’s former feline, Teki. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2014 has in store for Meowzers and the gang six seconds at a time.

Bottlerocket (Bottlerocket)- Bottlerocket is a New England dad and teacher who makes funny Vines with his family. His Vines are witty look at his life raising two young daughters. I like that he and his family look like they have fun making Vines and whenever he does his impression of Mark Wahlberg (spot on). Sometimes I watch Bottlerocket for hours pretending he’s the funny dad I never had. His kids (and followers) are lucky to be getting a great education in sense of humor.

Alright that’s enough. Hope you enjoy my suggestions and please let me know what you think about these guys on twitter @itsjonmarcus or on Vine (it’s jon marcus).