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Get the Bogart LA limited-edition T-shirt. It's made of soft, wearable cotton, and comes in a trendy asphalt color. If you want to support our business and show off our company cat, buy one for yourself and each of your friends. But first, all of your BogartLA swag-related questions, answered….

Who's the cat?
That's Mr. Meowzers, formerly known as Techie.

Where did he come from?
He belongs to Jason and Jessica, the founders of BogartLA, who adopted him from comedian Brian Redban.

Why should I rep him?
Mr. Meowzers is a celebrity in his own right within the LA comedy scene. He's the star of a series of Vine videos, called Bogart77 (link). Mr. Meowzers' bright blue eyes represent a shining beacon of hope for comedy fans and cat lovers alike.

Again, these are limited edition, so buy one today while supplies lasts. Mr. Meowzers thanks you!

*$2 of every purchase will go to benefit Second Acts Animal Rescue Foundation.(*

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