I got rid of my TV and started watching webseries


By Jon Marcus | March 2014

I sat on this blog for a couple weeks because I couldn’t figure out how to put my own personal spin on it.  At the beginning of this year I got rid of my TV thinking that it would force me to read more and waste less time.  Instead of accomplishing these two goals, I’ve discovered webseries. My favorite so far has been Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.” You may have seen the Superbowl advertisment with Jerry and George and I imagine it left you wanting more Seinfeld after Seinfeld… well look no further because I’ve found something for you.

In each of the series’ webisodes, (yes, they’re called webisodes) Seinfeld asks his comedian friends to join him for coffee. He picks them up in a vintage car and then they go for coffee.  It’s a simple concept but I’ve found it as a great way to see my favorite comedians talk outside of a podcast.  Seinfeld does a great job of matching his comedian friends with a car that suits their personality. My favorite match was Patton Oswalt and a Delorean… and then a backup Delorean.  More like ‘back to the dealership…’ amirite?

Some of the comics use the medium as a way to showcase material, while others just riff with Jerry. Obviously Seinfeld uses his connections to get great guests. Some of my favorites were Todd Barry, Sarah Silverman, Larry David and Louis CK.  Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner were classic. Seth Meyers was charming as usual. Tina Fey is sexy funny cool.

Obviously these people provide great material, but Seinfeld doesn’t rely on the material only. The series has some serious production value for something on the web. Go-Pro cameras in the cars and a camera attaches to a quadcopter for a birds-eye view are two styles of shooting I plan on stealing some day. I also like that there’s a shot of Seinfeld’s sneakers in every webisode. That dude loves his Nikes.

I checked out all the webisodes and the one I found most interesting was the one with Jay Leno.  If you’re anti-Leno, (which most of the millennial generation seems to be) I suggest you check out his webisode (yes, I love that word) and I bet your opinion of him will change.  There was a reason he was the host of The Tonight Show for 21 years (minus 6 months with my boy Coco)… he’s funny as his chin is big… zing!

If you like comedy, cars, or coffee, there’re very few things better than hearing two comedians genius talk casually with one another, cruising around in a cool old car on their way to get coffee… then talking more while they sip on that delicious brain juice.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Season 4 has to bring. I’d like to see Jerry go for coffees with Sasha Baron Cohen, Jon Stewart, Bill Cosby, and Garry Shandling. I’m sure we’ll see more vintage cars (which I admittedly know nothing about) and more funny conversations between the greats. I’m looking forward to see what Seinfeld makes in Season 4, once again available to watch on Crackle.com and sponsored by Acura.

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