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Today we are excited to announce the release of our first Bogart LA produced short film, “Fabric of Agony” (F.O.A.).  This is not just any short film, but a comedic puppet parody of Kurt Sutter’s smash hit series “Sons of Anarchy” on FX.  F.O.A. creator Jason Bogart explains,  “Fabric of Agony” takes place in a parallel existence where puppets are the people.

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Bogart built his first puppet, Seagleeagle, a 20 pound white bird from Long Beach in November 2013 and showed him for the first time on his VINE series, “MeowzTown” Christmas Day. Puppet production became an immediate addiction for the lifetime artist and it wasn’t long before the all puppet-cast short, F.O.A. was underway.

While in pre-production for MeowzTown on YouTube, Jason and wife, Jessica shot a puppeted music video titled “Morphine Puppet Candy.”  Having just come off a 6-year run living as site-rep for the HBO series “True Blood”, Jason was eager to put to use all the invaluable knowledge he had gained in the world of film production. “It was like I got paid to spend 6 years attending the best film school I could possibly imagine.  I wasn’t going to let that knowledge go to waste!”

“Morphine Puppet Candy” caught the attention of comedian and popular podcast personality, Brian Redban. During a late night of loitering on the Comedy Store’s patio, Redban caught up with the Bogarts and suggested that BogartLA produce a puppet parody of Sons of Anarchy as the show was in its final season and its popularity at an all time high.  The conversation took place in late September and from that night on, the Bogarts lived and breathed F.O.A.

Great fortune arrived for the production when artist Adam Young read the script and jumped on-board as Director.
Bogart spoke about Adam to a popular colleague in Hollywood, “He’s like a surrogate twin who I had just met. Adam speaks and understands “weirdo artist talk”.  His ideas are great, his voices just as good.  He’s a really strong actor with amazing timing and commitment to character.  We are more than lucky to have him on-board.”

And rounding out the team, producer and puppeteer, Jessica Bogart gave life to the conniving and cut-throat femme fatale, Jamma.  A strong role, she was beautifully animated and brought to life with a voice that will have crowds cracking up!  “I was blown away when I walked around the corner onto set and saw Jamma standing freely.  It was as if for a second I could believe we lived in that parallel existence. She looked real, she looked alive, and I can still remember cutting her mouth out of a piece of foam core!” Bogart explained.  “Now, hidden under a mass of black fabric, Jessica was bringing her to life. She absolutely nailed the complicated role, with a complicated puppet at that. In this media expression is portrayed through body language and vocal tone and Jess really delivered.”

Fabric of Agony is an entirely self-funded project produced with Apple mobile devices and apps, done in just 8 days of filming.  It’s been a rush against time.  “Sons of Anarchy is almost over!  We had to get the film out in-time to prolong its parody relevance!”

And now here it is folks, mid-November and we are eager and pleased to present to you the world premier of, “Fabric of Agony” – A Sons of Anarchy Puppet Parody.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KNYUVAfpLw

Our team of 3 has returned to pre-production for “MeowzTown”the YouTube series featuring puppet, Rack Oon and Mr. Meowzers the cat, as himself.  The first full-length episode is underway so be sure to catch up on “MeowzTown” on VINE after watching F.O.A.!

Jason, Adam, and Jessica can all be contacted through BogartLA.com and we all truly thank you for watching!


Oscar Wilkinson, Bogart LA’s resident funny, old-man puppet.