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Tom and Christina


Joey Coco Diaz hit the ground running with a #1 Comedy album on iTunes and the Billboard Charts. You can find him in many films including the all-time favorite remake of "The Longest Yard" as well as in recurring roles on the hit TV shows "General Hospital", "Children's Hospital", "The Mentalist" and many others. Coco is a true Podcast heavy hitter. He's a regular on the #1 Podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, and hosts his own podcasts, "Testicle Testaments" and “Beauty and Da Beast”, with Felicia Michaels adding just a few more notches on his top 10 belt. His hit album “Its Either You or The Priest” proves that Joey Coco Diaz is comedy's main attraction! His R-rated outlook on life have you howling in your seat like a good comedian should, but what makes Joey truly special is his presence and ability to tell you a story in such a manner that regardless of the subject matter, you're still laughing. Whether he's lighting a hooker’s wig on fire, or attacking a Nun in the 5th grade, you’ll be cheering for Uncle Joey.