Jayson "The Teeb" Thibault is LA's best kept secret in stand-up comedy. A staple at the World Famous Comedy Store, Ice House Comedy Club, and The Improv, he's the man-in- high-demand in today's LA comedy scene. Jayson is an original member of the DEATHSQUAD family of comedians and works with some of the heaviest hitters in comedy such as Joe Rogan and fan favorite, Joey Diaz. When he's not on stage, he's co-hosting three hugely popular podcasts; The DEATHSQUAD Secret Show with Bryan Redban, The Ice House Chronicles and Punch Drunk with Sam Tripoli & Ari Shaffir. He's also the head writer for The Naughty Show, a monthly live comedy event "who's mission is to bring rock n' roll and chaos back to stand-up." A crowd pleaser nationwide, The Naughty Show is a favorite and highly demanded production found most often in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. So whether he's talking about sports, the ladies or what's happening in the news today, Jayson Thibault will have you laughing your way well into the next week.