Bert K

Bert Kreischer

Growing up in Tampa, Florida Bert had no idea he wanted to be a comedian, so he spent six and a half years at Florida State University harvesting his middle class indifference. As only fate would have it, comedy found him. In 1997, Rolling Stone Magazine was looking to write an article about the number one party school in the country, so they sent contributing editor Erik Hedegard down to Tallahassee to spend a week partying. His finding was The Undergraduate, a 6 page article about one man-child, Bert Kreischer. Not only did it name Bert as the "Number One Partier in the Nation," it set in motion his comedy career. Oliver Stone optioned the rights to his life, book deals were offered, and a local Florida radio station (having read Bert's quip about wanting to become a comic) put together a comedy showcase with Bert as the headliner. Having never done comedy, Bert took the stage after three experienced comedians, and closed the show doing over thirty minutes of material. He was an instant success. He turned down the radio station's offer for his own morning show and decided to move to New York to begin a career in comedy. When asked about his first year in the New York comedy circuit Bert says candidly, "I got my lunch money taken. I knew nothing about comedy and it was clear to everyone, including me." So he did what he had never done before, he worked hard and within five months Will Smith,'s production company, Overbrook Entertainment, offered him a sitcom deal. A year later he signed his second television development deal with CBS, where he made his acting debut starring in the CBS/20th Century Fox pilot, Life with David J with Elliott Gould. Bert has also appeared on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, VH-1's Nevermind the Buzzcocks, as well as host of FX's The X-Show, and as the star of his own show Hurt Bert.