10 Comics to Follow on Twitter

twitter bird

Twitter has been a blessing for comics new and old over the past few years.twitter bird The medium is a perfect place to showcase your joke-writing skills and has played a big role in gaining exposure for comics and comedy writers across the nation and around the globe. If you’re a comedy fan looking to delve into the world of Twitter, here are ten of the best accounts to follow.

10. Michelle Wolf (@michelleisawolf)-One of the most fun comics to watch in New York City, Michelle Wolf has a consistently strong twitter feed that pumps out masterfully crafted stand-alone jokes every day. Her voice is clear, and her incredible understanding of joke structure makes you wonder why no late night staff has added her to their monologue writing team as of yet.

9. Eric Dadourian (@ericdadourian)-Eric Dadourian’s twitter account is weird. He has a weird voice, weird premises, weird twists, and just generally a weird style. I love it. There is a creativity and a silliness that gives him one of the most defined voices on the web. All of his jokes come out of left field in a way that’s exciting and that will make you laugh at one tweet after another.

8. Eli Yudin (@EliYudin)-One of the founders of the popular @nottildaswinton parody account, Eli Yudin has a mix of comedy nerd and frat boy humor. His account is full of absurd one-offs, dotted between jokes, and brief scenes, all in a confident and ironically self-certain voice.

7. Erik Bergstrom (@Erik_Bergstrom)-Erik Bergstrom has a strong and simple voice that keeps his tweets easy to digest, but sure to make you laugh. He toes the line with wordplay, but in a way that’s never groan-inducing because his angles are always ones you don’t see coming. His voice is consistently smart and has a matter-of-fact tone with hints of both playfulness and cynicism.

6. Brendon Walsh (@brendonwalsh)-One of the most beloved comics in the country, Brendon Walsh has mastered a tone that creates an instant familiarity while incorporating crude and crass jokes that  sometimes shock and always make you laugh. Walsh is comfortable playing with the medium in different ways–one of the best recurring things to follow on his feed is his twitter rivalry/friendship with Todd Barry.

5. Matt Koff (@mattkoff)-Simple absurdity is the best way to explain Matt Koff”s whimsical twitter feed. He’s a master at putting a silly twist on every premise, which catches you off guard while still making perfect sense. He’s mastered wordplay in a way that isn’t tiresome, but genuinely delights all of the followers of his feed.

4. Kate Berlant (@kateberlant)-Kate Berlant is one of the most innovative and intriguing comics I’ve ever seen live. Her intelligence and naturally thoughtful tone separate her from any other comic and much like her stand-up, her twitter account mixes the rhetoric of academia and social commentary with a simultaneously stand-offish and inviting tone.

3. Jake Weisman (@jakeweisman)-One of the most exciting comics rising up through Los Angeles’ bustling alternative scene, Jake Weisman’s twitter account flirts with gender normativity while committing to a brazen, exaggerated tone. There’s an aggression and certainty in his tweets that’s consistent and hilarious.

2. Andres du Bouchet (@dubouchet)-A staff writer on CONAN, Andres du Bouchet’s account has a wackiness and disconnectivity with a distinct tone. Sometimes it almost feels like du Bouchet is making fun of what we’ll laugh at–he’ll often take absurdity and comic voice to new heights in way that’s distinctly his own.

1.  Aparna Nancherla (@aparnapkin)-Aparna Nancherla is a master joke writer and brings an alternative sensibility to traditional joke structure. The Totally Biased w/ W. Kamau Bell writer uses innocent deprecation in conjunction with general wonder to create what is one of the most consistently funny accounts on Twitter.